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HOUDRY is a place name before to be a people name. It is an old name and particularly very present in Brie. But it was/is known in other areas. The following points support this conclusion:

- The main part of the HOUDRY people nowadays are living in the area of Coulommiers. This fact demonstrate an old settlement of the name in this region of Brie. This one is very illustrated by the big family groups found in this little area at the past times.

- The demographic work realized for 13 cantons of Seine-et-Marne also demonstrates the Grand-Morin valley (between Coulommiers and La Ferté-Gaucher) is the family birthplace.

- Jean dit Odry is cited in 1270 in the book of Martial Cordier as the first ancestor of the family. Moreover the alias "dit Odry" should come from a toponym.

Cassini Map-Coulommiers

The HOUDRICHON family was not studied. But in accordance with Martial Cordier, this family should be linked to the HOUDRY family.

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