[H]OUDRY toponyms in France

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A very few places are called [H]OUDRY, including towns and hamlets (see Fig. 1). Please note this work is not today ended and other places could be furtherly identified.

HOUDRY Toponyms

Each following entry of the list corresponds to a French department. The number between parentheses is its coded representation.

- In Seine-et-Marne (77): 1 old place in the vincinity of Provins.

- In Vosges (88): 4 places including 1 farm.

- In Sarthe (72): 1 hamlet.

- In Saône-et-Loire (71): 1 town and another place.

- In Indre-et-Loire (37) : 4 hamlets.

- In Côte-d'Or (21): 1 hydraulic tank.

In conclusion, HOUDRY is not only a place name limited to the Brie area. But it is particularly the name of a very old place in Brie (see "Possible origin").

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